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Semen Analysis

Important Note

Specimen must arrive within 30 minutes of collection.

Performing Laboratory

Rutland Regional Medical Center Laboratory

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Ejaculate

Container/Tube: Clean, dry container-Condom is not acceptable.

Specimen Volume: Entire ejaculate

Specimen Minimum Volume: 2 mL
Collection Instructions:

1. Patient should have 2 to 5 days of sexual abstinence.

2. Specimen is best collected by masturbation.

3. Label container with patient’s name, identification number, date and time of collection, and type of specimen.

4. Specimen should be maintained at body temperature.

5. Keep specimen at 37° C until liquefaction occurs.

Forms: Sample Information Form in Requisitions in Special Instructions

Patient should complete the form and forward it with the specimen.

Reference Values

Liquefaction: complete by 4 hours, normally within 1 hour

Volume: 1.5-5 mL

Motility: 60%, ±15%, examined within 1 hour of collection

Quality of sperm motility: ≥2

Count: 60-150 million/mL (Counts <20 million/mL are usually considered to be distinctly abnormal.)

Days Performed

Monday through Thursday

7am - 4pm

Analytical Time:

1 day



Includes volume, liquefaction, motility, quality of sperm motility, and sperm count.

If sperm count is <10 million, then Fructose, Semen or Seminal Plasma may be performed, at an additional charge.

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Specimen Transport Temperature

Body temperature/37° C